Change Your Destiny In 6 Days - Practical Guide
Change Your Destiny In 6 Days - Practical Guide

Change Your Destiny In 6 Days - Practical Guide

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How To Change Your Destiny

Most people never achieve their potential. Many people feel there is more to life than their present struggle. But they don’t know how to do this!

All that is needed to break this viscous circle is knowledge and guidance. Without which we are ignorant of what can and should be done.

I have spent the past 40 years researching and helping people to Change Their Destiny. My Practical Guide is the culmination of my work as a Clinical Psychologist and Performance Coach. I have found that that the main reason people can’t change their Destiny is that they don’t know how. Furthermore, they don’t know what to do when they get stuck! Consequently, it’s all too difficult so we just get on the merry go around and continue on our well worn path until we die.



Ignorance is the unawareness that we repeat the cycle and the past conditioning over and over again, thinking that we can’t alter our course, and/or trying to change our circumstances without understanding the root cause of our circumstances, which lies in our conscious and subconscious mind.

Change requires you to give up what you know, and dive into what you don’t know that you don’t know.

To achieve personal breakthrough and change your destiny, you need to have the knowledge, awareness and courage to dive deep into your mind and find the strength to face events in the past that built your life as it is today.

Your destiny is not fixed — you are not doomed.

You have the power to change your course, when we become aware of our past conditioning from childhood, and patterns passed down from our ancestors and past lives, and are willing to resolve the emotions we did not want to feel in the past.

Knowledge, guidance and feeling our repressed emotions and integrating our emotional wounds is key to rewriting our future.

This is very much a scientific based approach tempered with some eastern and ancient stoic philosophy. The Change Your Destiny program works – just let it do for you what countless hundreds of people have already done so.

This step by step program will take you by the hand to Change Your Destiny. Supported by 5 pre-recorded MP3 sessions you will be taken from novice to master within 6 days!

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From birth, your brain is filled with billions upon billions of neural links. These are physical electrical pathways that pass information around your body. Some of these messages we are aware of through negative thoughts that we constantly bombard ourselves with voices from what seems to be from the back of our head! Other messages are sub conscious and we are not even aware of them.

For instance, what makes you breathe or pump your blood around your system? These all need messages for this work to occur. Your values and beliefs are mainly sub conscious and much of our behavior and success is determined by these processes. It is these neural links or thought patterns that have been developed throughout your life that are determining your present position in life. From birth your present map of the world was being set by your upbringing, your particular education and the values and beliefs of your family and friends.

Your neural links were being set in a particular pattern and consequently in many people their behavior and success was starting to become limited. Your body receives millions of bits of information per second through your 5 senses; sight, hearing, feeling, smell and taste.  Your neural links have set up your senses to filter out 99 % of this information coming to you every second.

Accordingly, you generalize, delete and distort these messages to suit your reality and yet we know that this reality doesn’t exist! It is a construct of your existing view of the world. A view that has not, to date, delivered for you what you truly want out of life. The good news is that following this program will help you to develop new neural links so that your reality becomes wider, your choices will increase considerably, and your achievements will become realizable. In doing so you will achieve Your Destiny.

Check out my YouTube channel at for some further information on how to Change Your Destiny and many other programs.

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