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It sounds like the work of sorcerers and scam artists, but hypnosis can play a very real role in protecting and promoting health.

The "state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention” brought on by hypnosis may help us use our minds more powerfully, according to the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). And harnessing the powers of the mind has inspired researchers and clinicians in various fields to explore the use of hypnosis in a number of health outcomes.

Medical hypnosis, sometimes called hypnotherapy, uses verbal repetition and/or mental imagery (facilitated by a hypnotherapist or one's self) to induce a "trance-like state" of increased focus. It's typically described as feeling calm and relaxing and usually opens people up to the power of suggestion, according to the Mayo Clinic.

Once disregarded as a parlor trick, hypnosis is increasingly believed to improve many of those outcomes.

Rather than paying hundreds of dollars for a session why not learn hypnosis yourself. Even better why not train as a coach and deliver sessions to others?

This program has been designed by a practising leader in the area of Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (CBH). Its not difficult to learn and use and the step by step approach supported by recorded sessions is easy to master in less than a week.


Hypnotherapy provides an effective method to understand and heal the roots of psychological problems and create changes in mental processes and behaviors. It is increasingly being seen by the general public and professionals alike as an effective therapy for a wide range of psychological, behavioral and psychosomatic problems. Hypnosis is a completely natural state and can be used to help with many issues from addictions to anxiety and weight loss.

Our aim is to help people find meaningful alternatives to their present, unsatisfactory ways of thinking, feeling or behaving and to transform the lives of people who have been programmed over the years for failure, frustration and unhappiness.

This course has been designed to give you a solid foundation which includes theory and practical skills. Through the completion of the course, you will have all the skills to set up your own private practice.

This program will provide you with all the knowledge and skills to help you gain the confidence to run a successful hypnotherapy practice or to integrate it into your current employment.  

In addition to the comprehensive easy to follow program as a bonus you will get over 100 Scripts, deepeners and inductions that covers almost all the problems you might face in life. For example, you will get scripts for the following issues all completely FREE  - Normally  $18.48 and many many more: