Natural Healing Bracelet
Natural Healing Bracelet
Natural Healing Bracelet
Natural Healing Bracelet
Natural Healing Bracelet

Natural Healing Bracelet

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Boost your inner strength with our luxury range of Tigers Eye jewelry 

The Tigers Eye natural stone is a natural source of healing and inner power:


Physically Tiger’s Eye can be used to treat eyes, heal the throat and for repairing broken bones.  It is also helpful for relieving congestion in the digestive system, alleviating pain and eases an overactive nervous system.

Mentally Tiger’s Eye has the power to focus the mind and promote mental clarity.  This can assist to solve problems objectively and clear from emotions.

Emotionally Tiger’s Eye enhances integrity, willpower, purpose courage and practicality.  It can be helpful for dispelling fear and anxiety; build confidence and energise the emotional state and resolving internal conflicts.

Spiritually Tiger’s Eye can help you get through challenging times without losing courage; enhances psychic abilities and balances the lower chakras.  As Tiger’s Eye is an excellent grounding stone it can also be helpful for meditation, it can still the mind and help achieve a deep meditation. 

Tiger’s Eye can deflect negative energy, enhances good luck and can bring prosperity. 

Blue Tiger’s Eye (also known as Hawk’s Eye) reduces anxiety and stress and promotes calm. It’s soothing powers bring clarity to a clouded world. 

Red Tiger’s Eye (also known as the Dragon’s Eye) has the same properties as Tiger’s Eye and can also stimulate positive energy when you are feeling lethargic.  Its motivational strength makes it a strong and practical stone which will accelerate the metabolism, benefit the muscular and skeletal systems and boost sex drive. 

Green Tiger’s Eye supports and protects against unexpected challenges and pressures. Often work by executives in high powered environments it supports the stability of the mind and helps to consistently perform well giving courage to progress throughout your day.